Clues He May Be Cheating

Cheaters leave clues. Some are easier to find than others. This article is directed to women who believe their husbands may be cheating. Some tips and clues will be applicable to catching a cheat of either gender. Others clues are specific to catching a man who cheats. As with any and all information provided on this site, use what you can and disregard the rest. Continue reading “Clues He May Be Cheating”

Betrayed! Can You Forgive Your Spouse?

She confided that her husband had an affair several years ago. She suspected he was cheating at the time the affair was going on but it wasn’t until a year ago, after the affair had ended, that her husband acknowledged it. For the past year they have been trying to repair the damage to their marriage but she is having a difficult time. Continue reading “Betrayed! Can You Forgive Your Spouse?”

Why Do Men Lie?

She wrote to say she had fallen in love with a man she met online. He told her he had been separated for years from his wife. Their relationship progressed to a physically intimate one. She met some of his friends and family and he met hers. He bonded with her young daughter. She was in love and pushed for commitment. He said he would rather work things out with his wife. “Why do men lie?” she asked in her email. Continue reading “Why Do Men Lie?”

The Other Person And Family Events

Throughout the world marriages are dissolving because the husband or wife has decided that they’d rather with with their lover than their marriage partner. These divorces and the continuing liaisons with the person responsible for the marriage’s collapse can cause some very serious problems for family members, business associates, and others who are less than happy about the situation. Continue reading “The Other Person And Family Events”

Warning Signs He Might Be Married

If you’re a woman and you live long enough, a man will come into your life who is so incredibly perfect in every way that you wonder if he could possibly be real. If you’re fortunate, that man will feel the same way about you and you’ll be on your way to relationship bliss. If you’re unfortunate, that man will take you to a new level of relationship hell. It happens when you find yourself in love with an adulterer (a/k/a a married man). Continue reading “Warning Signs He Might Be Married”

Cheating Wives

The spam email got right to the point: 4 Wives looking to Cheat, have been matched for you in your area: Sarah, 120 lbs, 5’6, 36c, 10 miles away; Morgan, 121 lbs, 5’9, 36d, 19 miles away; Kelsey, 124 lbs, 5’7, 34b, 14 miles away, available most nights (husband works midnights); Samantha, 125 lbs, 5’5, 36c, 25 miles away. All 4 women are waiting to speak with you live & have photos. Webcam’s are available for all 4. Continue reading “Cheating Wives”

He Cheated, She Needs Answers

Her husband didn’t come home one night and she worried that something had happened to him. When he called the next morning, he said that he had spent the night with someone he picked up in a bar. She doesn’t know how he could be so cruel or why he would cheat. She’s in the process of divorce and having problems moving past the “why.”
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Revenge Cheating

He found proof his wife cheated but they decided to stay together and work on repairing their marriage. His resentment over her affair continued to grow and he decided to cheat on her to “even the score.” As soon as he had sex he called his wife to tell her that they were even. He doesn’t understand why she now wants a divorce. He says he cheated because she did and, if he could forgive her, she should be able to forgive him.
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Is An Affair The Answer?

He says if it weren’t for their children and marital assets that he would have divorced years ago. To complicate things, the emotional affair he’s been having with a co-worker is now taking on sexual overtones. Rather than risk everything by filing for divorce too soon, he wonders if he should have an affair to see if his marriage is worth ending for a more serious relationship with his girlfriend.
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Upset By His Wife’s Sexual Affairs

He recently learned his wife had sex with many of his friends when they were separated but working on a reconciliation. When they reconciled she didn’t tell him of her sexual escapades which included swinging. He says the fact they have two young children complicates a divorce but he can’t stand being around her because of the lies.
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Which Should He Choose?

His first love, “Jane,” who dumped him, is having marital problems and he’d like to help. His wife doesn’t like him paying attention to Jane so he has been sneaking around to see her. He doesn’t love Jane but thinks he could and maybe could even learn to trust her again. He says he loves his wife and kids but sometimes is unhappy with his marriage.
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She’s Thinking About Cheating

She said her husband cheated a couple years ago when she was spending a lot of time working and not spending much time on their marriage. She says the love she had for him has never returned and now she’s considering cheating. She hasn’t cheated yet but thinks that if a stranger paid the right attention to her she might not be able to say “no.”
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The “Don’t Leave Home Alone” Plan

Let me say up front that I don’t endorse this particular plan for leaving a marriage. My personal conviction is that one should have enough courage to leave the marriage and THEN seek another partner. There is considerable courage necessary to leave home without a safety net in place. Not everyone is ready to make such a leap, nor take such a gamble.
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Too Little, Much Too Late?

He has cheated multiple times always promising his wife each affair would be his last affair. She has finally had enough and has filed for divorce. He asks: “Do you have any suggestions as to what my (our) next step should be, am I approaching this problem correctly? I love my wife, and am ready to commit my heart and soul in preserving it for good. I can’t even think of not being there for my girls or leaving them practically fatherless. And I know in my heart we can have a long and successful marriage.”
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Strip Clubs And Married Men

To assume that all women who work in strip clubs are there to seduce every man who comes in the door is foolish. Many are young girls who believe their only marketable skill is removing their clothes for money. Many are single mothers trying to support a family. They’re all someone’s daughter. And many of them truly dislike themselves, the job, the need to exploit themselves, and the hopelessness of the situation in which they find themselves.
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Change Of Heart

Well, as much as I love Richard, my date with Leon showed me what I’ve been missing… so… I’ve had a change of heart!”

On the dating show “Change of Heart,” popular a few seasons ago, a couple shares with viewers the frustrations they feel about their relationship and then agree to each go on blind dates to see whether they’ll stay together or dump their current partner for their blind date.
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