Her Mother’s Divorce

Her mother and stepfather are in the process of divorce due to his affair with a coworker. She says her mother is depressed and trying desperately to get her husband to come back to their marriage. She wants to help her mother but feels that there’s no hope for the marriage and she’s getting tired of her mother’s questions when she sees her stepdad.
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Dealing With A Vengeful Ex

His long-term marriage ended when his wife left for her cyber lover. He was left to take care of their three children. He has since remarried while his ex’s life has gone from bad to worse. Now she’s trying to extract revenge on him for moving on without her and he’s worried that she will use the children as pawns in her continuing vendetta against him and his new wife.
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I Am An Adult Child of Divorce

My parents separated while I was working and still living at home (in that decade single females didn’t live away from home until they got married). Theirs had been a rocky marriage for many years so divorce was not unexpected. The fact that they remained in the same house during the separation and after the divorce made for some tense times, as might be expected.
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Children Of Divorce

If there are major losers in a divorce, it has to be the kids who are caught in the middle between two warring people they love dearly. It’s not unusual for kids to be used as bargaining chips or held for emotional ransom. Other times they must choose one parent over the other. No matter what role the child has within the family, he or she is an unwilling participant in this very brutal and emotional event.
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