Divorce Support & More

I’ve been divorced twice and happily married to my third husband since 1995. When I married the first time I expected to be married for my lifetime, but some things aren’t acceptable regardless of the marriage vows. After my second marriage ended in divorce in 1992, I turned my business focus to relationship issues with an emphasis on dating, divorce, and midlife crisis, because all were major factors in my personal growth.

In 1998 I became the Divorce Support Guide for a website called The Mining Company. The premise was that the hundreds of “guides” would “mine the Web” for the best information pertaining to their individual topics. The Mining Company became About.com — we were not “mining” anymore, we were providing information “about” our topics — and eventually The New York Times added About.com to its Web portfolio. I was the Divorce Support Guide for over nine years and enjoyed watching the transition of the site from start-up to major player.

I believe there’s a rhyme and reason for most relationship endings, whether it’s a spouse who leaves home or an employer who decides your services are no longer necessary. As traumatic as these may be, they also give us the opportunity to develop resources within ourselves that will help us to become even stronger in the face of future adversity.

I also believe the perfect revenge when a relationship ends is to survive and thrive instead of wasting time on the what if’s and if only’s of the past.

If you’re going through a divorce or are considering a divorce, you’ll find many articles that may be of interest. I am not a trained professional and don’t pretend to be. I speak from life experience. Before making life-changing decisions, consider all of your options and enlist the services of trained professionals when/if necessary.

Life is way too short and unpredictable to waste time looking backward.