Ten Years With A Married Man

ok i have been with this guy for ten years and he is married. its been ok but since we stayed together a couple of years ago it has been down hill. since then i have been jump on by him so many times. i put him out to go back to his wife cause we just couldn’t stay together he has cheated more then once. i did my thing to just to get back at him but i stop. Continue reading “Ten Years With A Married Man”

Is It Too Soon For New Love?

I’m 28 years old and my husband of 2 years (partner of 6 years) died unexpectedly three months ago. Now I find myself in a really confusing emotional state, as I’m starting to have strong feelings for someone new but at the same time am still grieving for my husband.

What complicates things more is that the person I’m falling for is someone I met four months before my husbands death. We hit it off immediately, and ended up spending a lot of time together as friends. He also had a girlfriend of a few years. Continue reading “Is It Too Soon For New Love?”

You Can’t Lose What You Don’t Have

hello pat.

i have a prolem that i cant solt at all and i really need your help. my relationship is 7 months and i love my man so much. i found it confusing when i walk with him on the malls and he keeps watching females, today he saw this ather lady carrying a bag and he said “i wish i was not in dating so that i can help her”, i was so hurt, i didnt even know how to comment. Continue reading “You Can’t Lose What You Don’t Have”

From Straight To Gay?

I am 40 years old and married 12 years back and got 3 lovely kids. Unfortunately i discovered than i have sexual attraction to men, feeling of being bottom. I am living in a country where Homosexuality is stated as crime in the Law and society highly discourages it.

I visited gay chat rooms and have found a foriegner who is also married and had met personally and exchange ideas. I never had any sexual practice with anyone. I am feeling deep sexual attraction to men. How can i go with it? Am in big big dilemaa and appreciate your advise. tnx a lot in advance Continue reading “From Straight To Gay?”

A Need To Manage Anger

i had a big row with my boyfriend he want to end the relationship i was very upset and said fine but i told him he will never see his son again once i go with that he put his hands round my throat and pulled me on the and started shouting in my face this is the first time he’s done that i love him but i don’t want to stay with him if he’s going to do that again what should i do. Continue reading “A Need To Manage Anger”

Is It Wrong?

If my husband has cheated would it be wrong for me to see someone, if I have left him and seeking a divorce.

Until you’re legally divorced, you’re legally married. So, is it wrong for a married woman to “see someone”? I wouldn’t but many women do. It has to be your decision because you’ll be living with the consequences if the new relationship doesn’t work out or if you and your husband decide to reconcile. ~ Pat

Was Their Marriage A Lie?

Dear Pat: I am married to a women 28yrs I thought I would spend the rest of my life with. We even had children in there 20s now. I came out about a year ago, we still live together. I am the only one working at the moment and I won’t abandon her, have have a history together. I do love her but it is not the same. I tried my hardest to be str8 and be the great dad and husband it finaly came to a head and I can’t live this lie anymore. Continue reading “Was Their Marriage A Lie?”

Keyloggers And Cyber Cheats

Keyloggers record computer keystrokes either through software or hardware. Hardware keyloggers are installed on a computer as an attachment between the computer and the keyboard or they are built into the keyboard itself. When a keylogger is built into a keyboard it is virtually undetectable. Some available hardware keyloggers are KeyGhost, KeySpyer and KeyKatcher, which all work basically the same way.
Continue reading “Keyloggers And Cyber Cheats”

Bobby Brown And Whitney Houston

I’ve watched the reality TV show, Being Bobby Brown, as camera crews have followed Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston throughout their “normal” days and nights. I definitely don’t see either of them as good role models. It was no surprise when their marriage collapsed and Houston filed for divorce in September 2006 to end their 14-year marriage. Quite frankly, I’m surprised they didn’t maim or destroy each other years earlier.
Continue reading “Bobby Brown And Whitney Houston”

Transitioning Through Divorce

He’s a 40-year-old father of two pre-teens who is getting ready to end a 15-year marriage. He’s looking for books and guidance to help him through the process of leaving his marriage and setting up a new home for himself and his kids when they come to visit. He hasn’t told his wife he wants a divorce yet and already is considering going into debt to comfortably outfit his new home.

Continue reading “Transitioning Through Divorce”

Clues He May Be Cheating

Cheaters leave clues. Some are easier to find than others. This article is directed to women who believe their husbands may be cheating. Some tips and clues will be applicable to catching a cheat of either gender. Others clues are specific to catching a man who cheats. As with any and all information provided on this site, use what you can and disregard the rest. Continue reading “Clues He May Be Cheating”

Betrayed! Can You Forgive Your Spouse?

She confided that her husband had an affair several years ago. She suspected he was cheating at the time the affair was going on but it wasn’t until a year ago, after the affair had ended, that her husband acknowledged it. For the past year they have been trying to repair the damage to their marriage but she is having a difficult time. Continue reading “Betrayed! Can You Forgive Your Spouse?”

Why Do Men Lie?

She wrote to say she had fallen in love with a man she met online. He told her he had been separated for years from his wife. Their relationship progressed to a physically intimate one. She met some of his friends and family and he met hers. He bonded with her young daughter. She was in love and pushed for commitment. He said he would rather work things out with his wife. “Why do men lie?” she asked in her email. Continue reading “Why Do Men Lie?”

Is Sex In An Open Marriage Adultery?

She’s involved with a married man and responding to an article I wrote about adultery. She says the situation is a win-win for her because she’s picky about who she has sex with, him because he gets good sex outside of his marriage, and his wife because she doesn’t have to be bothered. She wonders if a relationship in which the wife agrees to her husband having a girlfriend would still be considered adultery. Continue reading “Is Sex In An Open Marriage Adultery?”

The Other Person And Family Events

Throughout the world marriages are dissolving because the husband or wife has decided that they’d rather with with their lover than their marriage partner. These divorces and the continuing liaisons with the person responsible for the marriage’s collapse can cause some very serious problems for family members, business associates, and others who are less than happy about the situation. Continue reading “The Other Person And Family Events”

Warning Signs He Might Be Married

If you’re a woman and you live long enough, a man will come into your life who is so incredibly perfect in every way that you wonder if he could possibly be real. If you’re fortunate, that man will feel the same way about you and you’ll be on your way to relationship bliss. If you’re unfortunate, that man will take you to a new level of relationship hell. It happens when you find yourself in love with an adulterer (a/k/a a married man). Continue reading “Warning Signs He Might Be Married”

Cheating Wives

The spam email got right to the point: 4 Wives looking to Cheat, have been matched for you in your area: Sarah, 120 lbs, 5’6, 36c, 10 miles away; Morgan, 121 lbs, 5’9, 36d, 19 miles away; Kelsey, 124 lbs, 5’7, 34b, 14 miles away, available most nights (husband works midnights); Samantha, 125 lbs, 5’5, 36c, 25 miles away. All 4 women are waiting to speak with you live & have photos. Webcam’s are available for all 4. Continue reading “Cheating Wives”

What To Take To A Divorce Attorney

When your spouse says he or she wants a divorce, contacting an attorney should be high on your “to do” list. If trying to “fix” your marriage isn’t an option, a visit to a divorce attorney is a first step toward protecting your interests. No matter how much you believe your spouse will do the “right thing,” at divorce the “right thing” may be to look out for themselves at any cost.
Continue reading “What To Take To A Divorce Attorney”

End A Sexless Marriage?

A year ago, she filed for divorce to end their 15-year marriage but reconsidered when he promised that things would get better. They are now back to where they were and she again is thinking of divorce. She says the intimacy and romance ended when their children were born and he says there are more important things to worry about than the kindness and intimacy she says she needs.
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Is He Having A Midlife Crisis?

After 23 years of marriage, he moved out of their home and is living with a male friend. Since then he says her he has fallen out of love with her and doesn’t want to “compromise his life” any more. He also has admitted to a very brief affair, a few years ago, which he didn’t enjoy. He blames her for his unhappiness and wants a divorce. She is in therapy.
Continue reading “Is He Having A Midlife Crisis?”

His Midlife Affair

After 18 years of marriage, her 41-year-old husband wants a divorce so he can find the passion he’s missing in his marriage. She says his recent affair with a younger woman has left her devastated and him feeling that he’s missing out on experiencing life in a passionate relationship. She wants him to reconsider for their child’s sake because they know they cannot be friends if they divorce.
Continue reading “His Midlife Affair”