Ten Years With A Married Man

ok i have been with this guy for ten years and he is married. its been ok but since we stayed together a couple of years ago it has been down hill. since then i have been jump on by him so many times. i put him out to go back to his wife cause we just couldn’t stay together he has cheated more then once. i did my thing to just to get back at him but i stop.

a couple of mouths ago he found out the his mom is sick and it has been hell since then just a week ago, we fought and he chock me and told me that he would snap my neck but i feel like he was trying to kill me. and the mess up part is that he had broke it off with me and i said ok. i don’t know what to do cause if i break it off he not going to leave me alone if i put him in jail then he will lose everything he got even his job. please help. i need to know what to do cause this is getting worser by the week.

I’ll be honest. I don’t know what to suggest. You’ve tolerated this situation for ten years. You’ve been involved with this married, cheating, violent man for longer than some marriages last. The relationship between you two is a habit that you’re unable to break. You’re comfortable with it regardless of how bad it gets because you continue to go back to him knowing what you know.

Seek out a local shelter for abused women and talk with the people there. They should be able to give you the advice you’re looking for. Whether you follow it will be your decision.

Good luck. ~ Pat