The Negatives Of Pot Smoking

Even though there may be potential good effects marijuana might provide when used for the right reasons, I’m going to focus on the negative aspects of pot smoking. That won’t endear me to pot smokers of the world but that’s fine.

Let me be very clear: Marijuana as a medical drug is prescribed (where legalized to do so) by a physician for a specific medical situation. The medical use of any drug, in a controlled situation, for a specific illness is reasonable and should cause no problem for anyone.

When any drug is used for “recreational” purposes, becomes an addiction, and begins impacting on a person’s life, then there is a problem. Cocaine is a notable example.

If pot smoking only affected the user, and if pot were legally available for recreational use, I personally wouldn’t care if an adult smoked an occasional joint. That would be his or her adult decision.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Marriages are destroyed when a pot smoker chooses the weed over his or her mate. Friendships are made based solely upon the common use of pot. Careers are lost when pot use clouds good judgement.

If you’re a concerned, non-smoking parent, be aware there are pot smoking parents who encourage their children to join in. Be smart and meet the parents of the kids your kids spend most of their time with.

I think you get the point. There are extreme dangers in pot smoking. If you’re a non-smoker involved in a relationship with someone who is a pothead, you already know that.