Little Annoyances That Can Damage A Marriage

If I’m ever going to touch a nerve, it will probably be if I ask how the toilet seat should be left after use… up or down. Most men would respond that they don’t have an obligation to place it back down, while most women would say they also don’t have an obligation to restore it to the up position that their man left it in after his last use of the facility.

Do you think it doesn’t matter how the toilet seat is left after the last person used it? Do you know how many marriages are in trouble over just this issue and issues just as irrelevant as this?

First, I’ll give my opinion about the toilet seat question. I believe that it should be placed down after use, but then, I don’t live in China. I mention that because at a new products show not too long ago, someone introduced a gadget that would flip the seat back up so it would be ready for the next gentleman’s use.

Clearly, in some countries, the man’s needs take precedence over those of women and female children.

So, getting back to the toilet seat, down is the preferred position so that small children, at any time, and women, in the middle of the night, don’t fall into the commode. Of course, if a man lives alone, he can do as he darn well pleases. And, if a woman wants to live alone, she can make this a big issue.

Just my opinion, of course. I have to qualify my response this way for all of you who may wish to disagree. So, now that I’ve cleared up the toilet seat issue, let’s talk toilet paper.

For those of you who live in countries without the luxury of toilet paper, please scroll down to this week’s final significant topic under discussion. Those of you who feel that the toilet paper should roll over the top get my best wishes. Those of you who feel it should come from underneath need to understand why your spouse is right about this.

Placing the roll so it rolls from the top keeps the pattern visible, if you’re using one of those fancy patterned papers, throughout the dispensing. Perhaps you don’t use fancy toilet paper, or you really don’t care if the pattern shows all the way. That’s fine, but there’s another good reason to keep it rolling from the top.

Imagine this: It’s dark, you’ve just sat down and you need some toilet paper. You reach for the roll. It’s a new roll, not yet started. So you roll it toward you and can’t find the start of it. Then you roll it away from you, and still can’t find the start of it. Finally, extremely stressed, you take it off the holder and rip some of the sheets off, totally destroying the first forty or so sheets.

Wouldn’t it have been easier if you would have known that it rolled over the top and you could have just quietly and quickly felt your way around the roll until you found the start and then pulled?

I don’t happen to consider either issue to be of divorce significance. But within every relationship, there are small, insignificant things, just such as these, that build, one upon the other, until a great wall stands between two people who used to overlook everything in the name of love.

How about living with someone who snores? When you’re in love, snoring should be a truly beautiful sound. After all, if he or she snores, and they’re lying beside you snoring away, then they’re lying beside you! Rethink your irritation about your spouse’s snoring. Think of it as music. They can play it for you, or they can play it for someone else.