Cutting Divorce Costs

Divorce can be extremely expensive; however, there are ways to keep some of the costs within reason. Thinking with your head instead of your heart is the first step when it comes to financial matters at divorce.

Avoid a contested divorce.

Identify the issues most important to you. Make concessions on less important issues.

Use mediation or arbitration instead of court for contested issues.

Remember the clock is running on your attorney’s fees so keep your visits to a minimum.

Try to negotiate a lower fee for your attorney’s services.

If you don’t feel your attorney is on your side, get another attorney.

Make notes when you meet with your attorney so that you can refer to them later. Recording your meeting is even better.

Review your attorney’s bill before paying it. Question charges by your attorney that seem out of line.

Don’t use your attorney as your therapist. For help with emotional issues, see a therapist, counselor or join a support group. It may be tempting to put your attorney in the role of therapist but the more you get off track, the higher your attorney’s bill will be. If you need a therapist, hire one.

Get financial assistance from an accountant or other financial expert.