Arrest Her For Fraud?

His wife had an affair and then divorced him even though he didn’t want to break up their family During the divorce, she forged his signature to a $3,000 check made out to the two of them. He wonders if he should have her arrested but worries what it might do to their two young children.

I said:

It’s perfectly natural to want revenge for what she has done. And at this time, you wouldn’t have regrets about pressing charges against her if you could. But let’s think about the future, your children, and whether your portion of that $3,000 is worth doing irrepairable damage to a relationship that used to be worth something (why else would the two of you married?).

Other couples have divorced and had a change of heart and remarried. It can happen unless too many bridges are burned in anger. While remarriage probably won’t happen in your case, why not move on as quickly as you can into a better life for yourself and your kids? Forgiveness is a great gift to bestow on even those who hurt you the most.

This is just my opinion. You’ll have to make the decision that you feel is best for you and your children.