Hiring A Divorce Attorney

Divorce is stressful enough without wondering if you have the right attorney. Here are a few tips to help in selecting an attorney:

If you have friends, relatives or business associates who have been divorced, ask for their recommendations.

Some attorneys don’t charge for the initial consultation; ask if there is a charge when you set the appointment for your first visit.

Make a list of questions you would like answered. Make the most of your visit. Don’t get off track and use up the time on non-essential conversation.

Suggested questions for your attorney:

Will he or she return your phone calls promptly?

Will he or she keep you informed as your case progresses?

Is he or she trained in custody and other issues?

Does he or she have experience in handling all types of divorce cases?

Will you be charged for phone calls? If so, how much?

What is his or her fee schedule?

Does he or she offer a payment plan?

What is his or her primary caseload focus?


Your attorney works for you. You deserve a good value for your money.

If you feel uneasy about the capabilities of one attorney, find another. You need to have complete confidence in your legal advisor.

Be truthful about your divorce. Your attorney needs all the details.

Your attorney won’t always have good news.

You are not hiring your attorney to be your friend.

Your case is as important as any other case he or she might be working on.

If you are not satisfied that your attorney is doing the best at representing you, find another attorney.

Never use the same attorney your spouse is using. It is impossible for one attorney to represent both of you equally.