From Wedding To Divorce

Tori Spelling has married her soul mate. In what seems to be typical Hollywood style, this marriage was made possible only after she divorced her husband and he divorced his wife. Not only that, the happy couple is expecting their first child. Do we care?

The more we read about the multiple marriages and divorces of celebrities the more “acceptable” divorce becomes. We become desensitized to divorce and such marriage-breakers as adultery.

Spelling, 32, was married to actor-writer Charlie Shanian when she met soul mate McDermott, 39, on a movie set. When they met, Spelling was a new bride of less than a year, McDermott had been married to Mary Jo Eustace for 12 years.

It’s not just marital betrayal that seems to be glorified in the media but lack of commitment as well. Consider the relationship of actors Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Middle-aged Cruise hit the headlines in 2005 when he began dating the much younger Holmes. The resulting stories of their engagement, her pregnancy, and finally the birth of their daughter, brought major publicity for the actor and his new movie.

But what stalled their marriage plans? Was Cruise trying to eliminate the potential of divorce by remaining single? If he could avoid marriage, he could also avoid pre-nuptial agreements, lawyer’s fees, losing millions of dollars at divorce, child custody issues, and all the other things that people with money hate having to deal with. Or was it a PR ploy to stretch out news about the couple as long as possible to keep their box office value high?

In my personal opinion, I think that even if they do marry, Cruise and Holmes will share a daughter but not a long-term future together. Hopefully they’ll prove me wrong but there are too many differences and the relationship developed too fast to build a good friendship as a solid foundation for the marriage.

Celebrity gossip suggests that not all is well within the Spears-Federline marriage despite the birth of their second child. Considering that Federline’s other girlfriend had just given birth to his child when he and Spears got together, it would seem that he might have a problem with long-term commitment. This is another couple I hope proves me wrong.