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This page originally had links to all of my books sold on Amazon. Unfortunately, Amazon changed their linking criteria without giving me notice and all the links stopped working. This is the third time this has happened so I removed the broken links and added Amazon's search feature -- which didn't appear to work after this page was online. Just in case the coding should start working, I am leaving it embedded in this page. While I was putting the search feature together, I was amused to find several of my books listed by independent sellers for astronomical prices ($4000+). I have no clue why they would even think someone would want to buy a book for $4000 when it's also selling for $19.95.

This is a link to my books available on Amazon style= and probably also includes the higher priced books from third-party sellers.

Most of my books are also available in eBook format through many other online sources including Barnes & Noble and Apple’s iBooks.