What Does He Really Want?

My boyfriend has been hanging around gay men and going with them to bath houses and he tells me “I lead them on to get what I want from them”. It hurts me so much to hear him say this to me. Would this not throw up a red flag to anyone else?

I’ve started believing that he may have slept with some of the gay men. However, when I ask him he states, “its never happened”. I want to believe him but in the back of my mind I don’t believe him but I still love him and want him to come back home to me and start to live the life we once shared . Do you think this will be possible or am I setting myself up to be more hurt than I’m already feeling.


What is it that he wants from these gay men that he has to go to bath houses with them to get? Yes, big red flags are flying, why aren’t you seeing them? Are you really that much in denial?

Until you get this resolved you should never have sex with him without protection, not even once. And you should immediately get tested for STDs. His behavior and choice of “friends” is putting your life at risk. ~ Pat