The Risks of Love

Hi, I met a single Asian mom 2 months ago. She has a large friend base and is protective of her son who I have not met. and her friends-family. Fireworks right from the start.

I can only see her when her schedule allows couple times a month. She travels to see friends on weekends and works hard all week partys a couple times during the week. She is 44 I am 46.

She said that she has always had a boyfriend or a husband and now it is just her and her son and she likes it. And that she will slow down some day. But I would just have to deal with it.

Well I am nuts about this gal. Just like being around her. I do not want to smother her but I think about her all the time and I dont want to push her away with my desire to see her. But I dont want to have my heart broken as she is off doing her thing and I get left for another.

Ahh the risks of love I guess. Also how do I turn this around? How do I get her to be the one chasing me?

Thanks for your time. – Mike

Mike, she has laid it out for you: she likes her life as it is. She cuts out a little bit of time for you but she apparently cuts out a lot more time for trips to see friends and go to parties during the week.

If she had the same feelings for you as you do for her, she’d want to spend more of her time with you. It’s apparent she doesn’t. And stepping back, which is what I’d do, may or may not entice her to chase after you.

If it was me, I’d stop contacting her and start looking elsewhere for someone to date. This would produce either a renewed effort on her part to try to see you, or she’d do nothing. Either way, you’d know where you stood. And, if she’s not interested, you’d be that much farther along in finding someone who was interested in getting to know you better.

Yep, love is risky. But the risks can be worth taking. – Pat