Looking For Hidden Marital Assets?

If you think your spouse may be hiding marital assets, here are a few tips to help locate them. This isn’t everything you need to know but it’ll get you started.

Search for evidence of gifts to their girlfriend or boyfriend. Some cheats keep credit card receipts in their wallets or squirreled away where they think their spouse won’t find them.

Check his/her office for fancy and/or antique furnishings.

See if his/her employer is holding back bonuses or a raise until the divorce is final.

Does he/she have any stocks, bonds or accounts set up in your childrens’ names?

Is he/she stalling on business contracts until the divorce is final?

Has he/she refused a raise or bonus that would increase his income?

Make a detailed list of cash spending.

Does he/she have a separate checking account?

Does he/she have his/her own safety deposit box?

Are friends keeping money or property for him/her?

Your spouse may not be hiding anything but it is better to be overly cautious than to lose your fair share.

Separately owned and marital assets are going to come under scrutiny at divorce. Be sure you know which are which.