From Straight To Gay?

I am 40 years old and married 12 years back and got 3 lovely kids. Unfortunately i discovered than i have sexual attraction to men, feeling of being bottom. I am living in a country where Homosexuality is stated as crime in the Law and society highly discourages it.

I visited gay chat rooms and have found a foriegner who is also married and had met personally and exchange ideas. I never had any sexual practice with anyone. I am feeling deep sexual attraction to men. How can i go with it? Am in big big dilemaa and appreciate your advise. tnx a lot in advance

I won’t give you advice to help you cheat on your wife regardless if it’s with a man or a woman. Having sex with someone other than your wife is cheating which I would imagine is also highly discouraged in your country.

How much are you willing to risk in order to have sex with a man? Your wife and kids? Your freedom if discovered by the law? Becoming a society outcast? Risking sexually transmitted diseases?

Please consider the risks before proceeding down this dangerous path.