Sexless Marriage

I’m in a situation where I believe my husband is gay but will probably never admit it. a couple of years ago, i found out that he had been sending out pics of himself on Craigslist men 4 men. I found out through looking through old cameras etc, that he had been doing this for years. Continue reading “Sexless Marriage”

From Straight To Gay?

I am 40 years old and married 12 years back and got 3 lovely kids. Unfortunately i discovered than i have sexual attraction to men, feeling of being bottom. I am living in a country where Homosexuality is stated as crime in the Law and society highly discourages it.

I visited gay chat rooms and have found a foriegner who is also married and had met personally and exchange ideas. I never had any sexual practice with anyone. I am feeling deep sexual attraction to men. How can i go with it? Am in big big dilemaa and appreciate your advise. tnx a lot in advance Continue reading “From Straight To Gay?”

Is Sex In An Open Marriage Adultery?

She’s involved with a married man and responding to an article I wrote about adultery. She says the situation is a win-win for her because she’s picky about who she has sex with, him because he gets good sex outside of his marriage, and his wife because she doesn’t have to be bothered. She wonders if a relationship in which the wife agrees to her husband having a girlfriend would still be considered adultery. Continue reading “Is Sex In An Open Marriage Adultery?”

Asexuality And Marriage

Why would a man refuse to have sex with his wife? A woman wrote asking why I think her husband avoids having sex with her. Despite her attempts to be attractive, seductive, and encouraging a sexual relationship, her husband says they don’t “need to have sex in order to express love” for each other.
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End A Sexless Marriage?

A year ago, she filed for divorce to end their 15-year marriage but reconsidered when he promised that things would get better. They are now back to where they were and she again is thinking of divorce. She says the intimacy and romance ended when their children were born and he says there are more important things to worry about than the kindness and intimacy she says she needs.
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The Sex Book

I suppose the title of this article is a bit misleading since I’m not going to suggest any one book about sexual technique is better than another. What I am suggesting is that if sexual needs and books on the subject were equated, “most” men and women would not be “reading” the same book.
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Marital Sex Missing?

She says her husband is “one of the best human beings any person can meet.” There’s just one problem: he has no interest in sexual intimacy. She says that for the past several years they have had a “best friends” kind of marriage. She wonders if divorce is her only answer.
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Sex With Your Ex?

Let’s suppose you are divorced, or are in the process of a divorce. There’s just one little problem, sex has never been a weak point in your marriage. As a matter of fact, it probably has been the only constantly good part of the relationship. What do you do?
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Sexual Compatibility

Is sex forcing you apart or keeping you together? While it’s true that sex alone probably is not a strong enough basis for a successful marriage, even the best of marriages will eventually suffer if the sex drives of the partners are unevenly matched.
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Men and Women, Sex and Love

Sex and love — or should it be the other way around? The first time I wrote the title to this article it was phrased “Love and Sex.” But we should all know by now that it takes a long time to develop a relationship into one of true love whereas a willing partner is generally the only prerequisite to having sex.
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Safe Sex

How does a woman who was too embarrassed to discuss sex with her husband approach the subject of safe sex when she begins dating after divorce? Some women don’t, only to find that their new sex partner has infected them with a painful STD or life-threatening disease.
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