Midlife Decisions

Middle age is a dangerous time for many marriages. It certainly was for mine. I faced my own mortality in my middle thirties. When it finally became very clear to me that my time on earth was limited, I anguished over staying in a bad marriage or taking a chance on a new life on my own. Just shy of my 39th birthday, I ended my first marriage.
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His Midlife Crisis!

In 1995, I wrote the following article for a singles magazine I published at the time. Since that time, it has been reprinted with permission in magazines around the world, loosely rewritten by others, and has been posted to various Web sites with, as well as without, my permission. When I wrote this article I had no idea the impact it would have.
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Is He Having A Midlife Crisis?

After 23 years of marriage, he moved out of their home and is living with a male friend. Since then he says her he has fallen out of love with her and doesn’t want to “compromise his life” any more. He also has admitted to a very brief affair, a few years ago, which he didn’t enjoy. He blames her for his unhappiness and wants a divorce. She is in therapy.
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His Midlife Affair

After 18 years of marriage, her 41-year-old husband wants a divorce so he can find the passion he’s missing in his marriage. She says his recent affair with a younger woman has left her devastated and him feeling that he’s missing out on experiencing life in a passionate relationship. She wants him to reconsider for their child’s sake because they know they cannot be friends if they divorce.
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His Wife Left With No Warning

He says his wife left home six weeks ago leaving both him and their kids to fend for themselves. Her explanation is that she doesn’t have any complaints, she just doesn’t want to answer to anyone for her time any more. She says she won’t come back unless she finds she made a mistake, and he wonders what the odds are of this happening.
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Entering Midlife

There are some birthdays that are more dangerous than others. Turning 40 can be a major shock to men and women and it can start the slide into midlife crisis if they are unable to cope with aging and their own mortality issues.
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Midlife – His

What happens to a marriage when a middle-aged man decides he’s unhappy with his life and the current players? It’s commonly referred to as “midlife crisis” and it puts more marriages in the dumpster than perhaps any other single cause.
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Midlife – Hers

When a middle-aged man dumps his wife for a lover young enough to be his daughter (or granddaughter), it’s shrugged off as an expected part of a certain age. But what happens when a woman suddenly chucks it all in search of answers to “is this all there is?”
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