One View, Different Visions

As my husband and I drove past some property we own, I asked an innocent enough question: “What’s going on over there?” He responded that one of the tenants was having their propane tanks refilled. That would have been a reasonable explanation except the truck I saw was an air conditioning service van.
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Perfect Rule For Marriage

In my opinion, the Golden Rule should be the first rule you should follow if you want to have a successful marriage. There are many versions throughout history, in various religions, and in most cultures, but all versions basically distill to: Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You.
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Family Divorce Problems

He said his wife’s brother is going through a very nasty divorce that is threatening his 17-year marriage. He says too many things have gone wrong when he’s tried to be a friend to his brother-in-law for him to want to be friends with him and his new girlfriend. He and his wife are unable to come to acceptable terms about the situation.
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Marriages that Last, Marriages that Don’t (or Shouldn’t)

Life is too short no matter how long in physical years it may run to stay in an unhappy marriage. This does not mean that I believe every marriage with conflict should end in divorce. Each of us must evaluate our own situation and then make the decision to either make our marriage work or end it and move forward taking the knowledge we have gained with us so that our next marriage can be successful.
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“Till Death Do Us Part…”

Whew! You never thought you’d get to this spot, but you’re here! Married. Committed. “‘Til death do you part.” Time to relax, take it easy, all the hard work’s done. Wrong! The hard work is just beginning! Keeping the sizzle and romance in a marriage is a full time job, and a lot more difficult than keeping the flame in courtship.
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Marital Bait And Switch

Have you noticed how people change when they get married? Not all changes are bad, they’re a part of becoming a good wife or good husband. But sometimes, a person changes so much that their spouse is unable to remember exactly what it was about them that they loved so much in the first place.
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