What To Take To A Divorce Attorney

When your spouse says he or she wants a divorce, contacting an attorney should be high on your “to do” list. If trying to “fix” your marriage isn’t an option, a visit to a divorce attorney is a first step toward protecting your interests. No matter how much you believe your spouse will do the “right thing,” at divorce the “right thing” may be to look out for themselves at any cost.
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Separation Contract

In a previous article, I suggested that putting together a strong Marriage Contract might be useful before getting married to help outline the responsibilities of each person during marriage. The contract would also, should it be necessary, provide a base for a “civilized” divorce.
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Arbitration is an option to contested divorce litigation. Each person is still represented by their own attorney but their issues are discussed in front of an arbitrator who makes the final decision instead of a judge.
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Mediation is a less adversarial method of divorce. Mediation is often required when a couple is going through an contested divorce. In mediation, the divorcing couple meets with a divorce mediator who helps them come to agreement regarding property distribution, children’s issues, and other matters.
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My Do-It-Yourself Divorces

I have been divorced twice and each divorce was primarily a “do-it-yourself” even though I did have an attorney for the first one. I was fortunate that my attorney was a former co-worker who agreed to do the paperwork and filings for my divorce. He was not a divorce lawyer but my needs were more for someone who could assist me through the legalities than represent me in a court battle.
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From Wedding To Divorce?

A few years ago, when I read an AP Special Features article titled “Brides advised to start early for flawless hair and makeup,” an overview of an article in Town & Country, I couldn’t help but get annoyed. The magazine article was focused on making the wedding day the day in a woman’s life.
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