Forgiving, Forgetting

I personally believe that people should be forgiven for things they might do that hurt others, if they truly are sorry and seek such forgiveness. Some people could care less and as such they don’t much care if they’re forgiven or not. This isn’t about them.
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Arrest Her For Fraud?

His wife had an affair and then divorced him even though he didn’t want to break up their family During the divorce, she forged his signature to a $3,000 check made out to the two of them. He wonders if he should have her arrested but worries what it might do to their two young children.
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…Or For Worse

Did you forget your vow to love your husband or wife “for better or for worse“? Most marriages contain a lot of “for worse” days. What else could you expect when you live full time with another person? You will see them at their best as well as at their very worst.
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If I had to think of a situation that was less conducive to forgiving another’s behavior, it would have to be when a marriage is falling apart. How can you possibly be expected to forgive your spouse for cheating, or lying, or being an abuser? It’s too much to ask! Or is it?
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Things Best Forgotten

At some time in your life you’re bound to make the acquaintance of someone who refuses to forget details of incidents that have happened during your relationship with them, details best forgotten because they cause you grief at each retelling. Incidents that should have been forgiven and forgotten long ago.
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