Dividing The Pets

According to a recent news article, Wisconsin legislators introduced a bill setting guidelines for the way divorce courts would deal with divorcing couples facing pet custody battles. Whether it helps or creates even more heartbreak is hard to judge.
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Divorce And Taxes

The taxes you’re required to pay when you’re married may not be the same that you’ll be required to pay when you divorce. Here are some tax tips to consider. And remember, a financial consultant can be your best investment at this time.
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Stock Options And Divorce

While stock options aren’t new, they definitely are more “in vogue” among employers to hire the best employees and then to keep them for a period of time until the options become vested (and redeemable). Of course, companies hope that employees will work for them because they enjoy what they’re doing, and that they’re in it for the long term, but it doesn’t always work that way.
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