Learning To Fly

Fear was a constant companion when my first marriage was nearing an end; it was a paralyzing fear that lasted for way too long time, interspersed with too many moments of absolute terror. I doubted myself. How could I take care of myself without someone to catch me if I failed?
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Living Alone

Is the fear of living alone keeping you in an unhappy marriage? Is it better to remain in an unhappy marriage with someone you don’t love than coming home to an empty house? Is fear of not being able to take care of yourself keeping you from taking charge of your life?
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You WILL Survive!

Which stage of divorce are you presently in? Considering divorce but not sure if it’s the right decision? An unwilling participant, your spouse having made the decision? Mired in the midst of legalities? Embroiled in child support and custody issues? Trying to recreate a life for yourself?
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Fear From A Woman’s Perspective

There’s no doubt that fear plays a major role in whether we leave a relationship or whether we stay when we should go. I’ll try to touch on some of the fears women might face when tryng to make the proper decision regarding divorce. Being a woman, I cannot remotely try to explain how a man feels when faced with divorce, and I’m not going to attempt to present the male side of divorce.
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Facing Your Fear

Happily for all of us the world did not end when the 20th century ended and the 21st century began. I admit I breathed a heavy sigh of relief because I was one of those people who thought “something” would happen at least to the technology sector but I didn’t know to what severity or for how long. Besides which I’m a natural born worrier.
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Separation Anxiety?

She has tried to walk away from her marriage four times but always returns because she misses her husband and feels she could never love anyone else. They have separate bedrooms, no common interests, no closeness. Is fear of the unknown bringing her back to a marriage she needs to end?
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Fear Of Being Homeless

Recently, I talked with a man who is just starting the divorce process. I don’t know what caused his marriage to sour and I didn’t ask for details. What he did share with me is that his wife wants the divorce and he is the one who has moved out of the house they’ve shared for almost 20 years. It is a second divorce for both of them but even though he has been through the process before, this time is more difficult.
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