The Risks of Love

Hi, I met a single Asian mom 2 months ago. She has a large friend base and is protective of her son who I have not met. and her friends-family. Fireworks right from the start.

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Is It Wrong?

If my husband has cheated would it be wrong for me to see someone, if I have left him and seeking a divorce.

Until you’re legally divorced, you’re legally married. So, is it wrong for a married woman to “see someone”? I wouldn’t but many women do. It has to be your decision because you’ll be living with the consequences if the new relationship doesn’t work out or if you and your husband decide to reconcile. ~ Pat

Dating After Divorce

For anyone who has been married a long time, getting back into dating mode once the divorce is legally over can be extremely confusing. Dating when you’re young and relatively “unscarred” by life’s little disasters is much easier than dating when you’re healing from the destruction of divorce.
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Making The Call

One of the things about being married for a number of years and then finding ourselves once again in the dating world is that it’s sometimes difficult to distinguish between the rules that have changed while we’ve been away from the game and the rules that remain the same.
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Rebound Relationships

Taking any relationship slow and easy is the best approach. It’s not always easy as each person may be in a different stage of emotional growth or turmoil and their needs are different. One may be ready for a more intensive relationship or commitment, while the other person may only need someone to give them a hug and a kind word.
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Divorced With Baggage

Are you angry about the way your marriage ended? Does that anger show up in the conversations you have with people you meet, conversations that eventually turn to your divorce and a rehashing of the whys and what-went-wrongs? Do you even realize how much time you spend talking about the bad deal you got, or how much you wish your husband or wife would come back to you?
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Comfort Dating

Newly divorced, you are raw and bleeding. You don’t understand what’s happening to you. You don’t have total control over your emotions. You aren’t ready to enter into a healthy, fulfilling, committed, relationship. You don’t know this because your judgement is cloudy and you are extremely needy.
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Transition Love?

For the person who is newly divorced, meeting a “soul mate” and falling in love quickly is not unusual. It is best to stay out of serious relationships until we’ve healed from the divorce, but it’s not always easy to do.
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The Significance Of Rings

From one of my articles on dating: “Looking single helps. I was speaking to a group of business people and asked them to hold up their hands if they were single and available. The number of raised hands surprised everyone in the room. I then told them to remove every ring off their left hand if they were serious about being identified as a single. Most people look immediately at the ring finger and if a ring looks even remotely like a wedding set or a band, they assume the person is married. If you don’t want to miss a dating opportunity, dump the rings!”
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Dating With Children

The way children respond to divorce will be as varied as the participants and the circumstances. No one likes divorce, but some people (and children) are more mature handling it than others. In some cases, the children may welcome the fact that violence, abuse, and anger (if these were ingredients of the marriage) are no longer a part of their daily life.
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Ex-wives can pose special problems, particularly if they are the ones who wanted the divorce. “I think if Jack had been the one to leave, if it had been his decision and his choice, everything would be different,” Kerry says.
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Dating A Divorced Dad

She says the friendship she’s had with a newly divorced father of two small children is getting more serious. She’s been checked out by the ex-wife and met the children once. He wants her to come home with him and spend the night (so far they haven’t been intimate).
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He’s Not Ready To Date

He wrote to say he’s in the process of a divorce that he really doesn’t want because he still loves his wife. At the same time, after more than eight months of separation, he has now met someone he’d like to date. He wonders whether he should start looking out for his needs or continue hoping his wife will come back.
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To Flirt Or Not To Flirt

Her divorce is just starting and her husband is living with the “other woman.” She’s looking for love in all the wrong places, and far too soon. She said: “I am having all these lustful thoughts about some of the men I work with. There about 8 men at work that I feel like if I could get one in the conference room for just a few minutes this fire would go out.”
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Sex After Divorce

Jumping into the dating pool after divorce can be extremely confusing particularly for the woman who has been in a long term marriage. It may seem that the dating rules have changed, and they have to some extent, but when it comes to sex and the newly divorced woman, common sense applies.
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