Keyloggers And Cyber Cheats

Keyloggers record computer keystrokes either through software or hardware. Hardware keyloggers are installed on a computer as an attachment between the computer and the keyboard or they are built into the keyboard itself. When a keylogger is built into a keyboard it is virtually undetectable. Some available hardware keyloggers are KeyGhost, KeySpyer and KeyKatcher, which all work basically the same way.
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Unwanted Emails

Unwanted email can be extremely hazardous to a marriage on shaky ground. If you’re a wife trying to catch a cheating husband, don’t assume that every email he receives is from someone he actually knows or has been in contact with.
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Online Casanovas

Cheating is cheating whether it’s with the person next door, down the street, in the next town, in the next state, or across the world in a chatroom. It’s an act that hurts the person whose trust has been betrayed and ultimately it hurts the person who betrays that trust.
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Chatroom Soul Mates

He’s everything you’ve ever wanted in a man. She’s the perfect woman. Your whole day gets brighter when your cyber soulmate emails or IMs a sweet greeting. Cyber love isn’t impossible but what happens if your cyber soulmate is already married or is a chatroom “player”?
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