Ten Years With A Married Man

ok i have been with this guy for ten years and he is married. its been ok but since we stayed together a couple of years ago it has been down hill. since then i have been jump on by him so many times. i put him out to go back to his wife cause we just couldn’t stay together he has cheated more then once. i did my thing to just to get back at him but i stop. Continue reading “Ten Years With A Married Man”

Their Codependent Relationship

She says her husband is cruel and vicious, accuses her of things he knows she hasn’t done, and never takes the blame for any of their marital problems. Over their 22-year relationship, he has cheated multiple times, divorcing her twice to marry the other woman only to cheat during those marriages with her. Their current marriage is ending and she can’t figure out why he treats her so badly when she’s always there when he needs her.
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Marital Sex Abuse

Forcing a spouse to engage in sexual activities against their will is sexual abuse. Sexual abuse is not about love nor is it about enjoying the sex act. Sexual abuse is about one person controlling another in one of the most emotionally damaging acts possible.
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When It’s Time To End A Marriage

His wife has been physically and verbally abusive for the 15 years they have been married. Despite counseling her behaviors have not changed and he feels marriage is over. She has made threats if he goes through with a divorce and has told him he wants out because he’s having a midlife crisis. He’s worried about the children and wonders what he should do.
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Abusers Beget Abusers

Children learn from their environment. Living with a father who is abusive to their mother teaches them that abuse is acceptable. They believe it’s a normal way that husbands and wives relate to each other. They may grow up to abuse their spouse or they may grow up and marry an abuser. Either way, they continue the cycle of abuse and then pass it along to their children.
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No Excuses For Abuse

At a business meeting, I refused to let one of the men in attendance take control of the meeting I was chairing. We had an exchange of words, and, when he didn’t get his way, he walked out of the meeting. I was glad I hadn’t been intimidated or allowed him to take control as he has been known to do in similar meetings.
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Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is more than a husband hitting his wife or a wife battering her husband. It can turn quite deadly as it did when a wife ran over her husband for looking at another woman, or a man fatally shot his young daughter before killing himself.
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Abuse takes a thousand forms. It touches our lives every day, whether it’s occurring in our house, the house next door, or the house across the city. Pick up today’s newspaper. There will be a story of abuse somewhere within the pages.
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She’s Married To A Pothead

She is 25, has a 3-year old daughter, and has been married for four years to a man who promised he would quit smoking pot when they got married. His habit has turned from weekend toking to everyday use. She can’t make him give up the pot so she is going to file for divorce and wonders how to tell him that she’s leaving.
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Will The Bottle Win Again?

He wrote: “I am currently being divorced by my wife. The only problem in our marriage was my binge drinking. We were best friends and I guess my wife feels she has no alternative but to divorce me. I have been trying to stay sober, but could not go more than about two months without a relapse. Then, I would hang my head with regret and embarrassment and go back to AA.”
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She’s Married To An Alcoholic

She wrote: “Please help me, My husband has been drinking for years, he drink while my children were at home. I stay with him for the children sake. We have grown girls now all married. I always wanted to leave, but he said I could never take his girls. He always told me I had nowhere to go, he would never let me work, so here I am stuck. I have no skills.”
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Hurtful Words

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never harm me.” — African Proverb.

Most of us were probably taught that little chant when we were fairly young. Words can’t hurt. Ignore them. Let them slide off your back. Maybe one of your parents repeated them to you when you came home in tears because someone in school called you “fatso,” or “stupid,” or “fag.” Maybe the incident, which may have been one of many, was brushed off as “just kid’s play,” nothing to be concerned about. And so the next time you just hung your head and kept on going, maybe with that little chant playing in your mind.
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